Hinnant Family Vineyards

Hinnant Family Vineyards, a hidden gem that combines the craft of winemaking with a rich history, is located in the center of Selma, North Carolina. Hinnant Family vines has made a name for itself as a must-visit location for wine connoisseurs and those looking for a taste of Southern charm thanks to its acres of vines, friendly tasting area, and commitment to making high-quality wines. We will examine the intriguing history and special services that make Hinnant Family Vineyards a lovely stop in Selma in this article.

A Southern Vineyard with a Heritage

A family legacy that extends back to the nineteenth century, Hinnant Family Vineyards is more than just a vineyard. The Hinnant family has farmed the land in Selma for many generations, and their move into the wine industry is evidence of their commitment to upholding the area’s agricultural legacy.

The Vineyards

Of course, the expansive vineyards that make up Hinnant Family Vineyards are its true heart. As far as the eye can see, rows of luxuriant grapevines are present here. The family’s dedication to growing the best grapes possible for their wines is evident in the meticulous care given to the vineyards.

Different Grapes

Each grape variety grown at Hinnant Family Vineyards has been selected for its compatibility with the soil and climate of North Carolina. Muscadine, Scuppernong, Carlos, and Noble are among of the grape varieties cultivated; they do well in the Southern environment and add to the distinctive taste profiles of the wines.

The Making of Wine

Hinnant Family Vineyards pays close attention to every step of the winemaking process, from the plant to the bottle. Grapes are meticulously hand-selected, sorted, and processed. The winemaking team creates wines that encapsulate the spirit of the area by fusing traditional methods with cutting-edge technology.

Wine Tours and Tastings

Wine tastings, tours of the vineyards and winemaking facilities, and other immersive experiences are provided to visitors at Hinnant Family Vineyards. You can try a variety of the winery’s offerings during a tasting session, learning about the distinctive qualities of each varietal and receiving insights into the winemaking process.

The Wine Cellar

The tasting area at the vineyard is a warm place where visitors may enjoy the wines in a welcome and cozy setting. With its wooden beams and cozy lighting, the tasting room’s rustic appeal enhances the overall experience.

Vineyard Occasions

Hinnant Family Vineyards holds a number of events all year long that let guests fully immerse themselves in the world of wine. There’s always something going on in the vineyard, from grape stomping festivities and harvest festivals to educational lectures and live music performances.

Wine and Food Pairings

Hinnant Family Vineyards frequently matches their wines with tasty food to improve the tasting experience. The winery works together with regional caterers and chefs to develop food and wine pairings that highlight the variety of their wines and the region’s culinary prowess.

Wine Club Participation

Hinnant Family Vineyards offers a wine club membership for individuals who desire to extend their wine experience beyond a single trip. Exclusive perks are given to club members, such as access to limited-edition wines, price breaks, and invites to special events.

A Family Tradition

The strong sense of family and tradition that permeates every element of the company that distinguishes Hinnant Family Vineyards. The vineyard is more than just a location for business; it represents a labor of love and the Hinnant family’s dedication to their culture.

Southern Charm with a Hint

When you visit Hinnant Family Vineyards, you don’t just taste wines; you also get a taste of the Southern hospitality and friendliness. The welcome staff’s eagerness to impart their expertise and love of winemaking has helped to create a pleasant and instructive environment.

Local Effects

The Selma neighborhood has benefited from Hinnant Family Vineyards. The vineyard is essential to the region’s economic growth since it generates jobs, helps local businesses, and boosts tourism.

Preservation and Long-Term viability

The Hinnant family is strongly committed to environmental protection and sustainability. In order to reduce their ecological impact and ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty and fullness of the land, they adopt eco-friendly measures in the vineyard and winery operations.


More than just a vineyard, Selma, North Carolina’s Hinnant Family Vineyards is a living example of the South’s enduring traditions and a testimony to the strength of family and hard work. Every element of the vineyard, from the lovely vineyards to the warm tasting area, demonstrates a dedication to quality and a love of winemaking.

Hinnant Family Vineyards offers a special and enjoyable journey, whether you’re a wine aficionado or just looking to sample some Southern charm. Every bottle of wine there combines the past and the present, and the history of a family’s devotion to their land and heritage is clearly visible. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the wines and hospitality of Hinnant Family Vineyards when you find yourself in Selma since it is a true jewel in the heart of North Carolina.

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