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At Johnston Smiles, we firmly believe in the transformational power of a beautiful smile. It has the ability to elevate your confidence and reveal the best version of yourself to the world. Our dedicated team in Selma, NC is here to help you achieve the dazzling smile you’ve always desired. 

With our wide range of cosmetic dentistry services tailored to meet individual needs, your perfect smile is just an appointment away. Let’s explore how we can transform your smile today!

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding involves the meticulous application of a tooth-colored composite material to address imperfections such as gaps, chips, and cracks in your teeth. It’s a non-invasive procedure that enhances the appearance of your smile in just one visit. 

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about minor flaws in your teeth, dental bonding at Johnston Smiles offers an affordable and immediate solution. Our skilled team shapes and polishes the material to match your natural teeth, giving you a smile that appears truly flawless.

Teeth Whitening

A dazzling white smile can make a powerful impression and boost your confidence in any situation. Whether it’s a social gathering, a business meeting, or a special occasion, your smile plays a crucial role in how you present yourself. At Johnston Smiles, we offer specialized teeth whitening solutions that cater to your individual needs and preferences.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our in-office teeth whitening treatment is a fast and highly effective way to achieve a visibly brighter smile in just one visit. Under the expert care of our dental professionals, we apply a professional-grade whitening agent to your teeth and use specialized light technology to enhance the whitening process. In-office teeth whitening may be a good option for you if you’re looking for:

  • Immediate results: Achieve noticeable teeth whitening results after a single session.
  • Safe and controlled environment: Experience a secure and supervised setting provided by skilled experts while undergoing your cosmetic procedure.
  • Customized treatment: Indulge in a personalized treatment meticulously crafted to match your unique preferences.
  • Comfort: Enjoy our comfortable dental treatment rooms while we work on transforming your smile.
At-Home Teeth Whitening

If you prefer to whiten your teeth gradually in the comfort of your home, our at-home whitening kits are an ideal choice. These kits include custom-made trays that fit your teeth perfectly and a specially formulated whitening gel. Detailed instructions guide you through the process, ensuring consistent results over time. At-home teeth whitening may be a good option for you if you’re looking for:

  • Flexibility: Achieve a brighter smile at your own convenience with our teeth whitening kit.
  • Personalized treatment: You will receive custom-made trays for a comfortable and effective treatment.
  • Professional guidance: Our team is here to provide support as you progress on your treatment journey.
  • Gradual transformation: Tailor your treatment plan to achieve a level of whitening that aligns with your comfort and desired outcome.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are custom-made shells designed to cover the front surface of your teeth, transforming your smile. If you suffer from misaligned, stained, or uneven teeth, veneers could be the perfect solution. At Johnston Smiles, we craft veneers that complement your natural tooth color, shape, and size. 

Our attention to detail ensures a result that looks and feels natural. Porcelain veneers offer a durable and elegant solution to many cosmetic concerns, providing you with a smile that’s not just beautiful but truly fits your aesthetic goals.

Discover Your Best Smile

Your smile is a reflection of who you are, and at Johnston Smiles, we are committed to helping you put your best smile forward. From minor touch-ups to major transformations, our cosmetic dentistry services are designed with you in mind. We focus on understanding your desires and needs, and our expert team is here to guide you through the journey to a more confident smile. 

Contact us today and take the first step towards the beautiful smile you deserve. With Johnston Smiles, your dream smile is within reach!

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